The traditional refinishing process includes stripping, repairing, sanding, staining (if desired), and eight finish coats. Minuteman offers a variety of finishes that include acrylic lacquers, shellac, and urethane.  We offer a variety of gloss finishing that range from flat to high gloss.  The final product looks as great as the day it was originally purchased. and oil finishes. Below is a list of other refinishing options we provide:

    • Pigmented lacquers: This follows the traditional refinishing process but instead of a clear coat that shows the wood grain of the piece, each piece has the look of paint but is finished with lacquer. This route is suggested if a customer desires a Distressed look. After the desired color is reached, it is then coated with eight coats of acrylic lacquer to protect from scratches.
    • Re-coating: This includes repairs (if needed), light sanding, touch ups. It is then recoated with a finish that is compatible to the original.  This is a less expensive option that can bring a piece of furniture back to life without going through the entire stripping process.
    • Oil finishes: This includes the stripping, repairing, sanding, and a hand rubbed oil finish. This is a perfect option for a customer who wants a more natural look for doors and exposed beams in the interior of their home. It’s also an option for outdoor furniture that is exposed to sunlight and rain.