Furniture eventually breaks. It’s one of those things that happens.  But whether the repair is major or minor, Minuteman is more than capable of returning your furniture back to normal.

  • Loose joints, cracks, or breaks: We have a variety of glues, putties, touch-up components to make repairs structurally sound but look seamless
  • Missing parts: We can fabricate missing elements of a piece of furniture as noticeable as a table leg or chair spindle, but we can also replicate small ornamental accents and unseen structural supports
  • Veneer repair and replacement: Some pieces of furniture have veneer tops or facing that can be chipped or damaged over time. We can re-glue the loose veneer and splice in missing sections with a matching wood grain, but can also remove the old veneer and completely replace it.
  • Cane seats and chair backs: Press cane and woven cane on chairs, sofas, and outdoor furniture breaks over time, especially if it’s outdoor furniture. We can replace or repair torn cane to maintain the antique look for these pieces.


BEFORE                                                                                                                                AFTER