Preparing To Move

Some customers want to pay moving companies to handle everything from packing to relocating, and don’t mind to do so. Minuteman Moving Services can definitely do it, but most look for ways to save money by packing their belongings themselves. Below is a list of tips to do so:

  • Box items accordingly – Packing yourself can save money if done properly, so here are some things to consider.
    • Label each box – If its fragile, label it so, and we will place it in safer place during transport. Also, labeling what room it will go in will make the unpacking process easier.
    • Make sure boxes are closed sealed – Whether its cardboard boxes or plastic totes, make sure they are closed and sealed. Overflowing boxes are not stackable and take longer load/unload and make it more difficult to arrange boxes in moving trucks.
    • Weight – When packing books, can goods, and collectibles, use smaller boxes. Large boxes can not handle the weight if filled to the top, and collapse when stacked if only filled halfway to lessen the weight.
  • Empty all drawers – Trust us on this. At Minuteman Furniture Restoration, we repair furniture all the time that people have broken. Dressers and desks with full drawers are not only harder to lift, but the added weight puts strain on the joints and braces of the piece of furniture. Its best to put content in boxes
  • Empty all appliances and disconnect them – Any steps the customer takes to save us time, will save them money. Disconnecting washers and dryers and the water lines on refrigerators can eliminate up to 30 minutes off of the final price.
  • Paintings, pictures, lamps, and vases – If the customer is moving long distance, it’s understandable to want a moving company to handle these items. It will, however, save customer money to handle the moving of these items themselves. Our process of handling these items involves wrapping each piece, which takes more time, that’s why we suggest it be done by the customer.
  • Disconnect and box electronics – We wrap all flat screen tv’s with blankets and cling wrap and store then in the safest place for travel, but disconnecting them and even boxing them yourself saves us time, in turn saving you money. This also goes for surround sound stereo systems, dvd players, and computers.
  • Beds and bedding – Newer beds may be held together with nuts and bolts. Anyone who is looking to save money might want to consider disassembling and reassembling. We are more than happy to do it, but bed assembly and disassembly can sometimes take up to 30 minutes per bed. Sheet and pillows can thrown into garbage bags which will save on box purchasing.
  • Attic – Most attics are basically trap doors with ladders. As you probably can imagine, going up and down with add time. Best thing to do is to take all the contents from the attic and have it waiting under the carport/garage for the movers.