We have 3,550 cubic feet of room combined between our three moving vehicles, making us more than capable of moving the contents of a house as well as outdoor furniture and shed contents.

We take extra precaution when moving items to prevent damage to floors and walls.

Pictures, lamps, appliances, and boxed items will be wrapped and transported properly to prevent damage.

We can disconnect appliances during the move, but because of restrictions in our insurance policy, washing machines, dryers, and water lines to refrigerators must be done by someone other than Minuteman employees.

We are willing to accommodate differences between home closing times/dates and actual moving in. If a customer has to be out of their previous residence days before they can move into a new residence, Minuteman can store the contents with a small fee for storage between the moving dates.

In-home moves

Doing a home renovation? Minuteman can help. We can move the furniture from the designated rooms into other areas of the home prior to and after the renovation project. We can do so but still allow you to move around in the house during the renovation.